Questions about spamming?

If you are receiving emails that claim to be from Jeffery Smith Microscopy, Inc., this is from spammers abusing our email address. We do not send spam, nor do we ever sell or otherwise give client email addresses to spammers.
What’t Going On?
There are spammers that forge the addresses of legitimate web sites to create their spam messages. When they choose our site, this makes it look as if you are receiving spam messages from Jeffery Smith Microscopy, Inc., regarding such things as stock options, deals on medicine, or other useless information. However, we are not sending them, nor are the spammers using our web site to send the spam. Instead, they are forging the “from:” headers on their own email, so that they don’t get their own mail servers involved in the results of a spam attack. That means that all the emails that the spammer sends out, if automatically rejected by mail servers who are protecting users, will use the “from:” header to return the email to us rather than the spammer. If the spam gets through to a mailbox, it will look as if it is “from” Jeffery Smith Microscopy, Inc., although we have nothing to do with it.
What Can Be Done About This?
Spammers rotate their abusive forging from one legitimate web site to another. From our end, at Jeffery Smith Microscopy, Inc., there is nothing we can do about this misuse of our email address, since the spammers are not using our mail servers to spam. So not only are you subjected to being spammed, we are getting thousands of bounced email messages as well.
We do suggest that you invest in a good spam filter for yourself, as well as a virus protector, since some spam carry computer viruses.